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It’s hard to do everything alone. That’s why I work with a talented team of professionals to complete each project on time and to the highest standard. We come together from different backgrounds and expertise to help shape the direction of the project with creative ideas and quality work.


Antony Nutley

Creative Design Director

When I started my career in landscape design I worked on every aspect of the profession, from  garden maintenance and care to hard and soft landscaping. I quickly learnt as I grew in the business that my real passion was in creating amazing, eye-catching spaces that would stand out from the crowd.


As a child, I grew up with my own section of garden at my family home, which I improved using any materials I could find spare. From sinking old pots into the ground for wildlife ponds, to taking off cuts of plants to soften the area - the seed was sown.


I then embarked on a career in visual merchandising. I was immediately hooked on the prospect of working to improve space in order to find that ‘wow factor’ to catch people’s eye.


Since then, my passion for design has only grown stronger. I love creating amazing spaces for people they didn't think was even possible. Every space I create is different with its own challenges. I thrive on this challenge.


Through growing my own company I am also constantly seeking to grow myself. I continue to learn through identifying and using new products and materials, taking professional development opportunities and further training, and keeping abreast of the latest innovations to ensure I stay on the cutting edge of the industry.

I am a part of the British Academy Of Garden Design school and I have access to the latest landscape software on the market.


My dual passions – design and being outside - have allowed me to put down the spade and the trowel and design gardens that can be achieved within your budget.  

I’ve got the best minds in the business working with me. Get in touch today to learn how we can help.

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